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Ground Breaking Pricing

Get world-class fulfillment with simple, transparent pricing.

$0.99 / order

Step 1: Select your service that you want

Your first step is to select the services you want to commission with e53. Then once your shipment arrives at our warehouse, we unload and put-away your inventory. We then update this in our state-of-art software so that there are no chances of error.

FBA Prep Center

DTC/FBM Fulfillment

Storage & 3PL

Loading & Inspection

Step 2: Receiving Fee

When your shipment arrives at one of our warehouses according to your booking with us, we will unload the shipment and place it in our warehouse racks, pallets, boxes etc where required.

Package Type Charges (USD)
Carton $1
Pallet $20
Container 20′ $400
Container 40′ $700

Step 3: Storage Fee

We charge storage by CBF (Cubic Feet) where the min. charges would be 1 CBF. The charges are per day and billed at the end of month. We will update your CBF every day when your orders are being fulfilled.

0.75$ / CBFt

Note: Fees will be prorated for partial month.

Step 4: Prepping & Processing Fee

Order processing is Picking, Packaging, FNSKU labeling and Print slips

We have a standard price of fulfilling each order for your Amazon, ebay, walmart, shopify, etsy etc. stores which is $3.50/order while FBA prepping for your order is priced at $1.50/order while includes the inspection, packing & label.

Additional items/processes required such as bubble wrap, box, polybag etc would be charged seperate.


This is standard price for all your FBM based orders


Amazon FBA Prepping with label, packing & Inspection

Step 5: Additional Services & Charges

Additional items/processes required such as bubble wrap, box, polybag etc would be charged seperate.

Returns Processing

FNSKU & Labels

Additional Inserts

Shipment Labelling

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Monthly Billing: $100
  • Each unique product (SKU) is stored individually in separate bin/shelf/pallet for smooth operations.
  • Packaging Supplies would be charged additionally.
  • The prices above are for standard weight items.
  • We do not accept any items that are on Amazon’s current listing of hazardous items.
  • Fragile or oversized items may incur an additional handling surcharge of up to 50%.
  • Payments are charged directly using credit/debit cards, and will be billed on weekly or monthly basis depending on your stock and size of of the account.
  • We will hold your shipment if there is a payment dispute or delay in payment.
  • Shipments not claimed with in 15 days will be automatically disposed by e53 Fulfillment.